Trywydd . Voyage

Bird-Jones & Heald would like to invite you to the film screening of  Trywydd . Voyage

Date: 10 February 2016 – 1.30pm

Venue: Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Glyndwr University, Wrexham

Join us in the Oriel Sycharth Gallery for a special screening of Trywydd . Voyage. The event will be introduced by Dr Susan Liggett, Head of Media Arts and Design Research Centre at Glyndwr University. Bird-Jones & Heald will talk about their project after the screening.

Bird-Jones & Heald filmed material inspired by collectively viewing significant architectural glass sites, artists’ studios and museums throughout France during the 2014 Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop. The film captured visual details, including figures silhouetted against illuminated backdrops, hand gestures, composite interiors, changing landscapes and emerging patterns.

Part of this body of research focused on the Welsh artists taking part: Amber Hiscott, Catrin Jones, Chris Bird-Jones and Karen Heald.   Trywydd . Voyage explores the intimacy, quality, nuances, details, sensitivity and beauty of the Welsh centric aspect of this journey.’

Bird-Jones & Heald Voyage




Voyage, HD film still, Bird-Jones & Heald

Supported by Arts Council Wales and Wales Arts International.





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