Welsh Women

Last summer, supported by Wales Arts International, Bird-Jones & Heald filmed over 25 hours of research material inspired by the 15 day Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop (WISGW) in France, 2014. Collectively they viewed significant architectural glass sites, artist’s studios and museums. They focused on capturing film footage of emerging patterns of visual details, such as, figures silhouetted against illuminated backdrops; hand gestures; composite interiors; changing landscapes. Part of this body of research focused on the Welsh artists taking part: Amber Hiscott, Catrin Jones, and Bird-Jones & Heald.

The Welsh contingency was filmed starting on the approach to the Severn Bridge and ending at the crossing back into Wales at midnight, 16 days later. Bird-Jones & Heald were in the daily company of Hiscott and Jones, who gave their continued support and compliance with documenting the process. This enabled the collaborators to have a continuing dialogue, capturing intense moments of concentration and contemplation of the workshop sites they visited, which has thus informed a unique Welsh perspective.

Bird-Jones & Heald are delighted to announce support from Arts Council of Wales for the Welsh Women project to produce an art film that celebrates Welsh artists, building on the gathered research, to bring it to public awareness. The moving image piece will explore the intimacy, quality, nuances, details, sensitivity and beauty of this journey. It aims to tell the story through image and sound.

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