Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop (WISGW), France, 2014.

The support of Wales Arts International enabled Bird-Jones & Heald to accept an invitation to take part and to make collaborative work during the traveling ‘Women’s International Stained Glass Workshop’ (WISGW) in France 2014. Together with 16 female glass artists from around the world (including Amber Hiscott and Catrin Jones from Wales), Bird-Jones & Heald toured France for 15 days, exploring contemporary and traditional French glass in the local architecture. Bird-Jones & Heald documented their WISGW journey, from its outset in Swansea and then throughout the experience, by capturing High Definition film footage, recording audio, photographing, making sketches, and taking notes with an eye to producing new work. Each member of the WISGW was given the choice of being included, or not included, in the process, and all accepted the offer. The research enabled Bird-Jones & Heald to concentrate on the unique nature of this international group meeting, and to capture those specific moments in time that will not be repeated. In addition, it was an opportunity for Chris Bird-Jones and Karen Heald to spend dedicated time together, away from their daily occupations, with a focus on developing new collaborative work.






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