As part of the International Festival of Glass (2006), Bird Jones and Heald collaborated with glass blower Simon Eccles, in response to the site of The Red House Glass Cone. Built at the end of the 18th Century, the Cone enclosed a furnace around which men made glass for 140 years until 1936. Reaching 100 feet into the sky it is now one of only four cones left in the United Kingdom.

When the site was operational, raw materials for making glass were transported by barges on the canal. Water has always been an essential part of glass making. In response to the space

Bird Jones and Heald
created Breath, an abstract film, looped, with edited sound, of the process and environment of glass blowing. The series of moving images were projected onto a wheelbarrow, one of the ‘found’ exhibits in the site, within which
Bird Jones and Heald
placed some of the last glass shards produced by Stuart Crystal in Stourbridge.